Dress Code

A key aspiration of MCStudio is to prepare students
for the world of work

We believe that dress plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos and values the school represents and in setting an appropriate tone for behaviour and attitude. This Dress Code therefore sets out the standards expected by all members of the school community.
Our uniform policy incorporates two uniforms, one for students’ everyday activities within the school and the second more formal business dress


Day to Day Uniform

Year 12 and 13 students are able to wear their own clothes but these must be suitable for a creative working environment

We expect a wide range of visitors to the school including business partners which means appropriate creative working dress is expected. Students can also wear their own business suits for events, providing this is in keeping with our standards

Year 10 and 11 Students will need to purchase a school polo shirt from our school uniform company

Student have the option of wearing a polo underneath an MCStudio hoodie.  If they choose to do so they can also wear a formal shirt instead of the polo shirt. We recommend all students in year 10 and 11 wear smart dark jeans or trousers and dark trainers/shoes


At all other times the MCStudio uniform is far more casual and in keeping with an normal working day in the creative and digital industries

Formal Uniform

Formal presentations and meeting Business Partners

Advise for our year 12 and 13 students who will be presenting in a more formal setting

Business suits will be worn for special occasions such as visits to employers, work placements and presentations at the school



The formal uniform for girls consists of a blazer, trousers or a skirt. Students will be expected to provide their own shirt (white) and dark shoes


The formal uniform for boys consists of a blazer, a waistcoat, a tie and trousers. Students will be expected to provide their own shirt (white) and dark shoes

Year 10 and 11 students may need formal dress at some point and we would recommend


Girls wear a blouse with trousers or skirt


Boys wear a shirt, tie and trousers