English & Maths Re-sit (1 year course)


We offer all our year 12 and 13 students a re-sit in English and Maths should they not achieve a grade 4 or above in year 11. You must have applied to one or our post 16 courses in order to be able to access the re-sit courses. We do accept some students on the year 12 courses who have not achieved a grade 4 but this is only through careful negotiation with our admissions team and the leader of that subject. 

The courses are in a two hour block every week with optional sessions to help boost students knowledge skills and understanding during lunchtimes and after school. The course is built upon the same framework as the two year course but students are expected to complete more personal study in-order to pass

English Language re-sit (Year 12)

We aim to engage our students in learning that promotes a love for the English Language; we do this by using all of the digital resources and expertise at the school to read different styles of writing and then apply this learning to develop your writing skills

We focus on skills development and independence because our small classes give every student the opportunity to engage with and articulate their ideas and responses.We interleave topics, exam technique, assessment, revision and consolidation to ensure that you have the skills, knowledge and understanding to enjoy your studies and to be successful

 As you move through your course, you will develop the skills needed to be able to read and write for different purposes and audiences. You will participate in discussion, dialogue and debate across the school developing your speaking and listening skills so that you learn how to participate effectively in any setting and develop the skills and confidence to deliver presentations to a range of audiences. You are studying for two GCSEs

We aim to give you the skills that enable you to ‘explore’
and develop independent responses to a variety of
‘viewpoints and perspectives’

We recognise the opportunities that a one year course leading to a terminal external examination provides for you to develop understanding, broaden your reading and mature as users of spoken and written language. We believe that success in examinations will be the result of rich learning experiences that promote deep learning, creativity and confidence


 Maths re-sit (Year 12)

The aims of the Maths GCSE course at MCstudio is to

  • Encourage fluency and understanding, not just memorised facts
  • Have techniques to solve problems
  • Enable pupils to reason Mathematically
  • Enable pupils to understand Maths in a variety of forms and contexts of the mathematics department is to equip, develop and encourage students to excel in mathematics and achieve to their full potential in the new, more rigorous, gcse course

We aim for students to be

  • Problem solvers who are able to apply their combined mathematical and general knowledge
  • Enjoy the challenges of mathematics and aspire to pursue mathematics beyond the gcse curriculum