Manchester Creative Studio is an employer led ‘studio school’. We provide young people aged 14-19 with the skills and knowledge they need for a career in the creative and digital industries

Taught by qualified teachers, trained by industry experts and supported by professional coaches our students work harder and longer than in traditional educational settings. Our offer is more akin to that experienced in world class workplaces rather than a traditional school setting. What makes Manchester Creative Studio unique is not just what we deliver, but how we also deliver it


The term studio school comes from the renaissance studio schools, where renaissance masters would bring students into their studios to pass on their skills and expertise to the next generation

Studio Schools are a new type of state school for 14-19 year olds which have been developed to address the increasing gap between what young people require to succeed in life, and the skills and knowledge that the current education system provides

Studio Schools pioneer an innovative new approach to learning with a focus on teaching through enterprise projects, personalisation and real work. They take a very old idea – that many of us learn best when doing real work in teams – and apply it to new 21st Century schools