Governance Structure


Manchester Creative Studio is an Academy Trust. We operate a clear and transparent governance structure. Our governance arrangements are set out below.




  • Receive reports on the finances and the strategy of the school from Directors.
  • Appoint and remove Directors.
  • Trust members meet a minimum of once per year.
  • Mr A. Morgan
  • Dr V. Kalra
  • Mrs C. Dobson
  • Mr A. Lovatt
  • Mr D. McCall



  • Enter into master funding agreement and supplemental agreements with the DfE.
  • Determine structure of the Academy Trust and its functions.
  • Accountable for the performance of schools within the Academy Trust but may delegate aspects of their governance to the Local Governing Body.
  • Hold the Local Governing Body accountable for its actions.
  • Directors meet a minimum of 3 times per year.

Chair: Mr A. Morgan

Company Secretary: Mr S. Kuncewicz

Treasurer:  Mr B. Barsky

Dr. S. Miah

Mr M. Larcombe

Ms N. Mistry

Mr M. Potts



Local Governing Body (LGB)

  • Support the work of the Board of Directors through taking decisions/making recommendations.
  • Can be comprised of governors and other representatives as appropriate e.g. parents.
  • The Local Governing Body and all Committees meet a minimum of 3 times per year.


Chair: Mr Steve Kuncewicz

Vice Chair: Mrs Marie Garside (Education)

Principal: Mr Peter Ramsay (Ex Officio)

Safeguarding: Ms Nisha Mistry (Education)

Human Resources: Mr Matthew Green

SEND: Dr Gemma Horridge (Education)

Performance: Mr Matt Green

Curriculum: Mrs Marie Garside

Finance: Mr Spencer Wellman

Parent Governor: Joanne Nasr

Staff Governor: Mr Rob Croll

Community Governor: Miss Simone Spray

Careers Governor: Alex Cowyn




  • Implements the strategy as devised by the Trust.
  • Reports back to the Local Governing Body.
  • Runs the day to day operations of the school.
  • Is the Accountable Officer for the School ensuring that the budget is spent as approved by the Directors.

Mr P. Ramsay