Home Learning


Learning at home and developing independence is key for all our students so that they can make accelerated progress. We have an extensive program of home learning tasks which is set by all out staff on weekly intervals. The expectation is that all students will have at least one home learning task per subject per week


Each week, it is expected that students will need to complete a minimum of 1 hour of home learning


Each week, it is expected that students will need to complete a minimum of 10 hours of home learning

Frequently asked questions

+ What is my role in home learning?
Encouragement is a major role. Ensure that your child manages and copes with the workload. Sit with them. Talk to them about the tasks. If youngsters verbalise their learning they are more likely to retain the knowledge

+ I don’t know enough about a specific topic to help my child. How can I help?
Students thrive on rewards and encouragement. Maybe look at some information together. Help collect information. Supporting is an excellent way of helping

+ It’s noisy and there’s no space at home
The studio has several home learning clubs which run at lunchtime

+ How much home learning should my child be doing?
The students are set home learning once per week per subject

+ My child doesn’t tell me about home learning. What can I do?
Look in the planner. Ask your son/daughter’s form tutor. Ask them open questions about today’s learning at MCS

+ My child spends more time than is necessary on her home learning
Students work at different speeds. However, if they are spending inordinate amounts of time on tasks make a note in their planner – or simply write =’x has spent 30 minutes on this task’.The teacher will then take charge of the situation

types of home learning

Teachers will set a variety of tasks in order to stimulate interest and develop independent skills. All students will have a pocket planner planner where they can record their home learning inside

Revision – Learning for an examination or test

Reading – To read ahead in a text book or to read for pleasure

Work – Work which reflects what has been taught in class, such as revision questions or revision worksheets, and note taking activities

Completion – Completion of a step or stage in an assignment currently being facilitated by the class teacher

Project work – Home learning projects are set over a period of time are designed to enable students to be independent and imaginative with their own learning.

Answer questions – Answer questions based upon work done in class

Research – To find information from a variety of sources (books, magazines, internet, online journals) and present carefully thoughtful way