Year 12 Media - Set Designs for film!

Our Year 12 Media – Film & TV students have been designing film sets for use in their very own productions as part of the production unit.  Students started by hand drawing their sets before going on to create mini sets to help them to visualise the scene. After doing some research students made sets, mini props and some even made small characters as well.

One of the group, Robin added, “creating little set designs for our films was really fun. I really enjoyed making tiny things like a TV and a bin.  I loved being creative with the materials I could use to make it look like a real little room.  I am really enjoying my media course and feel like this type of unit will set up well for a career in the creative and digital industry.

Mock Volcanos in the name of Science!

In Year 11 Science, students have recently moved onto creating exothermic and endothermic reactions. 

Exothermic reactions release heat and energy into the surrounding environment whilst endothermic ones do the complete opposite and absorb the energy around them.

A prime example of an exothermic reaction that can potentially affect millions is when a volcano erupts and releases molten lava and volcanic ash. 

Anna took our Year 11 students outside of the lab to create their own mini volcanic eruptions which demonstrates that when tectonic plates diverge or converge volcanoes occur causing the know on effect of hazardous eruptions.

Y12 - DSLR Masterclass

This afternoon Maanav & Kyle from Yr12 were learning about DSLR cameras. They had never used DSLR cameras before, so the first challenge was to understand certain features such as shutter speed, F-Stop, ISO, Manual focus & Zoom.  

After a demonstration as to how these features dramatically affect the image produced by the camera, the two boys were given the task to explore the Ancoats area and attempt to take a range of photographic compositions. They have a minimum of ten different photographic compositions to take.

What most people don’t realise is that every photograph, regardless of subject matter, will in fact fall into one or a combination of composition styles. The composition styles the boys are aiming to capture today are; selective focus, negative space, lead lines, simplicity, rule of thirds, symmetry, repeating patterns, juxtaposition, portrait and ‘foreground to background.’

Maanav added, during Dan's lesson, I was able to take a variety of photography shots that I learned, such as: Lead Lines, The rule of three and negative space.

Me and Kyle then went outside to take these photos. Even though it was raining, we had the determination to take these images to help us through our Games Design course.  Some of the images were harder to take due to the rain, because it had an effect upon it, where many droplets were on top of the lenses and we couldn't keep wiping them off, but we powered through!

See below for some of the images these 16 year olds took using their newly learned techniques on their own, and for the first time!

Industry Experts In The School

To keep up our end of being an industry led school, we have brought in industry experts on Monday to work with our Y12 & Y13 students on 3 month projects.  The aim of these is for our partners to show real life processes to our students to equip them for the world of work.

After looking at the world of screen printing with Kladi, Creative Director of Studio Printmysoul, they have just moved onto working with local illustrator and MCS collaborator, Meha Hindochia. As well as being a freelance artist, Meha is an entrepreneur who uses and sells her designs in a range and so will be able to impart so great small business advice along the way using her brand Meha Art.

We asked two of our Y12 students Bailey & Saskia to put let us know what they have been up to recently . . .

Both: On Mondays we have started an illustration masterclass. I am using this class to help improve my Etsy shop which is a jewellery business I do part time after school.

One of our first tasks was to develop a personal logo to reflect us by making a mood board including our colour scheme and favourite shapes that represent us.

Bailey: I then proceeded to work on developing my online cv showcasing all of my skills which I have attained here. I have started with storyboarding my ideas and plan to continue this within future lessons. 

Saskia: the logo I am making will be based around crystals as I make crystal jewelry. I then started to look at the weakness and strengths of my shop. Meha has already been helping me with search engine optimization – support which helps my business and which I would not have got at any other college.

Fashion Shoot

Two of our Year 13 students (Shannon Booth-Walker & Stacey Corman) have planned and run a
fashion photo shoot for an additional Arts Award qualification they are taking at MCS.  As part of this we offered some of other our students to chance to qualify - through our Rewards system – to model for the shoot.

This consisted of sitting for a professional make-up artist and being styled by the founder of High Street Jacker before the photo shoot itself.  As well as being a great chance at a fun morning out of lessons as a reward, this was a top opportunity to see the work side of the fashion – one of the leading and most competitive creative industries!

See below for a few backstage and set up shots and watch this space for the professional ones!

Watch this space for some great pics!

Ideas Foundation/AA Driving School Brief – WINNERS!

MCS has been working with the Ideas Foundation and their own partners for a couple for a couple of years now.  Last year our students worked on a fantastic brief to advertise the Warburtons Thin Bagel whilst this year we entered a brief to promote the AA Driving School.  During an intense few weeks, 4 groups of students competed against one another to win the opportunity to represent Manchester Creative Studio and Manchester student life as a whole at a national final at the Adam & Eve Agency in Paddington, London.  Accompanied by Media – Film & TV teacher Sarah, Y12 students Jordan Lewis, Natasha Walker & Robin Mills travelled to the finals to compete against 5 other schools from around the country. 

After a gruelling presentation and quizzing from a top level panel including Robin Wight, Ideas Foundation Founder, Cheryl Calverly, AA Head of Marketing & Paul Billingsley, adam&eveDDB Managing Partner & Head of Client Services, we are proud to say that Team MCS came out National Winners!  A great accolade to add to a brilliant experience for our brilliant students as they forge ahead in their chosen career pathway! 


Design Masterclass with Code ComputerLove

As part of a project with creative and digital industries experts Code ComputerLove and their client - Chester Zoo, our Y10 students are creating advertising for the Chester Zoo app as part of their Media studies at GCSE level.  Following up a visit to the zoo itself for background research, the students received a masterclass in digital & creative design processes from Dinah Gregoire of longstanding Manchester Creative Studio partner and supporter, Code ComputerLove.  Dinah was able to bring all of her industry expertise to the Y10 students who were lapping up the advice.  We look forward to the next few weeks now and seeing what gems they produce!

Street Art Project

As a reward for their hard work in this early part of 2017, Manchester Creative Studio Y10 students had a surprise afternoon ‘off timetable’ where Vice-Principal Chris and Art Teacher Katie took students through an afternoon of concept, design and completion of a large canvases.  Students were able to experiment with a range of art techniques making use of watercolours, collage and of course spray paints!

As well as producing astonishing results in just 3 hours this was also a fun side to Manchester student life!


A Day in the Life of. . .

The BBC chose to profile Manchester Creative Studio’s very own Rose Heathcote for a 360-degree filming profiling a day in the life of a Studio School student.

In the morning, they were with Rose during her Graphics class and saw her pitch her work to a creative industries professional as part of a live brief on which she worked. 

This was followed by an afternoon session which saw Rose and her fellow Y13 students at a screen printing studio.  This visit to the printers was the culmination of enrichment project designed to build our students’ portfolios and offer positive career pathways and was led by Kladi of Studio Printmysoul.