Y12 - DSLR Masterclass

This afternoon Maanav & Kyle from Yr12 were learning about DSLR cameras. They had never used DSLR cameras before, so the first challenge was to understand certain features such as shutter speed, F-Stop, ISO, Manual focus & Zoom.  

After a demonstration as to how these features dramatically affect the image produced by the camera, the two boys were given the task to explore the Ancoats area and attempt to take a range of photographic compositions. They have a minimum of ten different photographic compositions to take.

What most people don’t realise is that every photograph, regardless of subject matter, will in fact fall into one or a combination of composition styles. The composition styles the boys are aiming to capture today are; selective focus, negative space, lead lines, simplicity, rule of thirds, symmetry, repeating patterns, juxtaposition, portrait and ‘foreground to background.’

Maanav added, during Dan's lesson, I was able to take a variety of photography shots that I learned, such as: Lead Lines, The rule of three and negative space.

Me and Kyle then went outside to take these photos. Even though it was raining, we had the determination to take these images to help us through our Games Design course.  Some of the images were harder to take due to the rain, because it had an effect upon it, where many droplets were on top of the lenses and we couldn't keep wiping them off, but we powered through!

See below for some of the images these 16 year olds took using their newly learned techniques on their own, and for the first time!