Industry Experts In The School

To keep up our end of being an industry led school, we have brought in industry experts on Monday to work with our Y12 & Y13 students on 3 month projects.  The aim of these is for our partners to show real life processes to our students to equip them for the world of work.

After looking at the world of screen printing with Kladi, Creative Director of Studio Printmysoul, they have just moved onto working with local illustrator and MCS collaborator, Meha Hindochia. As well as being a freelance artist, Meha is an entrepreneur who uses and sells her designs in a range and so will be able to impart so great small business advice along the way using her brand Meha Art.

We asked two of our Y12 students Bailey & Saskia to put let us know what they have been up to recently . . .

Both: On Mondays we have started an illustration masterclass. I am using this class to help improve my Etsy shop which is a jewellery business I do part time after school.

One of our first tasks was to develop a personal logo to reflect us by making a mood board including our colour scheme and favourite shapes that represent us.

Bailey: I then proceeded to work on developing my online cv showcasing all of my skills which I have attained here. I have started with storyboarding my ideas and plan to continue this within future lessons. 

Saskia: the logo I am making will be based around crystals as I make crystal jewelry. I then started to look at the weakness and strengths of my shop. Meha has already been helping me with search engine optimization – support which helps my business and which I would not have got at any other college.