Live Project Briefs

Supported by creative and digital businesses, students work in teams giving them the experience of working in real time, where they apply their learning to real life workplace challenges. Live briefs are designed to emulate a real working environment, where students are set a specific task and are expected to project manage, design, implement and present the brief to a client

Industry and Community partners who have set briefs for students include Amaze, Natwest, Manchester Youth Council, Auto Trader, Pizza Hut and Barclays Bank

Live Briefs are a valuable and constructive part of MCStudio’s approach to learning


Advertisement Brief


Brokered through our relationship with The Ideas Foundation’s I am Creative programme, students from our Year 12 & 13 Graphic Design courses as well as Year 12 Media, were tasked with creating an advertising campaign for a relatively new Warburton’s product – the Thin Bagel

After being linked closely with their curriculum, the students worked in 3 teams between January & March to create 3 brilliant and inspiring campaigns which included creating TV, social media and print based adverts based on popular culture, a sporting way to enjoy your food with the ‘Bagelympics’ and finally, the fairytale of the Gingerbread Man, with ‘Once Upon a Bagel’

Each group pitched their final advertising campaign to Jennie Bearman, Brand Manager for Warburtons, Charlotte Robison and their Account Manager for leading advertising agency WCRS, with the winning idea to be invited to the WCRS Agency offices in London, in April!

The winning effort came from our Year 12 Medias students with their ‘Once Upon a Bagel’ campaign

To find out Bertie’s fate, go to his personal Facebook page !

PADOQ - Nothing But Epic

Social Media Brief


A brand new social media app is currently being developed by a partner organisation – Nothing But Epic. As it’s new, we won’t go into full detail (we’ll leave that for their press release), but there are big hopes for it

As it’s early days and as a large chunk of social media users are young people, we created a two-day brief to look at the brand messaging and marketing strategies as well as user testing & user experience activities

In Week 1, we had all students carrying out research on the various types of social media and letting us know about what they do and don’t like about the the many on the market right now. This led into workshops on marketing and brand messaging for the app so that by the end of day 1, all students had a strong understanding of the app and its position in the market

On week 2 we split the students into two groups. The larger first group went on to create marketing ideas and concepts for the website and brands that could be housed within it, with one group of Year 10 girls in particular devising, filming and editing a 20 second advert – amazing!

Whilst this was going on, carried out User Experience (UX) & Testing on the first version of the Padoq website and mobile app where they were examining how easy it is to use and navigate; searching for bugs and glitches in the software; and finally, suggesting improvements for the product,

The brief was a roaring success with a follow up session planned at 6 months to review progress and look at next steps

" We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the past two weeks and would love to get involved in as much as there is for us to help with (at MCS). . . . if you need any help getting students internships/work experience in companies within MCR then we’d be more than happy to help with this, we have decent networks and would be happy to open them for you guys"
Craig Tomkins, Chief Executive Officer, Nothing But Epic

Nothing But Epic have taken on a student for a work placement

The Cutting Room - Fundamentum

Branding & Marketing Brief


Just behind MCS in Cutting Room square is a café bar, aptly named, The Cutting Room. The team behind the bar – Adam Regan & Sophie Jarvis – are a pair of great entrepreneurs, who are keenly involved in the regeneration of Ancoats

Another of their ventures is a very exciting, forthcoming organic restaurant called Goose Fat & Wild Garlic, which will house within it a brand new micro-brewery, ‘Fundamentum’. After a couple of conversations of how the school might work with them, we set up a design brief where our students had the chance to come up with ideas for a new logo and branding for Fundamentum

The day was led by Adam from the business end, as it was so successful that not only have great overall branding ideas come about, but a whole range of other designs and ideas for both the micro-brewery and the restaurant have emerged. As the building is developed over the next few months, Adam is keen to work with our students at each stage starting with paid work for our Year 13 Graphic Design students who are currently working up logo & branding ideas. Following this will be a range of interactions with some of our younger students, who will get to work with a qualified graphic designer to see how their sketched and concepts are turned into a reality!

The new restaurant and micro-brewery are due to open in the next 2-3 months and we will get back to you with updates!

Fundamentum took a lot of inspiration from the students and have implemented their ideas into their brand strategy. The restaurant will be opening soon behind MCStudio, and Fundamentum have promised a limited addition, non alcoholic, MCStudio brew

Sophie Jarvis - Beatnik Fashion

Graphic Design Brief


With fingers in a lot of pies, local entrepreneur Sophie Jarvis also runs a very small, independent fashion label Beatnik Fashion

After the success of the Fundamentum brief, Sophie was excited to work with the school more closely on a design brief for the label

Students received the brief and then conducted research on similar clothing labels and design ideas, before spending a couple of hours producing sketches of Beatnik style, tattoo culture inspired designs

As with Fundamentum, the work produced by MCS students was mind-blowing and the Beatnik team are currently working through the ideas and calculating which they can afford to produce! Those students whose designs are selected will be taken to work with a graphic designer who will show them how to convert concepts so they are ready fro screen printing and they will also be able to see the printing process in action. After all of that, they will also receive clothing with their own design on as a thank you and to form a real life portfolio!

Beatnik Fashion took many of the students designs and are currently printing them ready for sale online. Pictures coming soon

If you are interested in becoming an industry partner, or in working with us to develop the industry-led education programme at Manchester Creative Studio, take a look at how you can get involved, we would love to hear from you