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Manchester Creative Studio: Listening Period Launched

The Trust Board for Manchester Creative Studio is launching a listening period to get your views on the school's future.

With the excellent support of The Laurus Trust, progress has been made in strengthening the school over the last six months. What has become increasingly clear, however, is that MCS does not have the capacity and resources to continue this trajectory over a sustained period of time. The school has significant financial challenges and the reality is that, without considerable support from outside bodies, it is unable to deliver on its educational aspirations.

After a great deal of discussion with the Department for Education and the ESFA, we have reached a point where it is right and correct that we stop and look at what the future holds for MCS. We are launching a listening period to get your views on this.

The option that is being strongly considered is that the school will close at the end of this academic year. This would mean that: 

  • Pupils, all of whom are in years 11 or 13, will be supported to complete their courses through to the end of the year.  
  • Support for the school would be provided throughout the year by the team from The Laurus Trust to ensure that pupils receive a good standard of education. 
  • Pupils would be supported to progress to further or higher education or employment following completion of their courses.
  • The trust would work with staff to support them in transition to other roles.
  • The school would close to pupils in July 2018

If this option did become a reality, by starting this conversation now, it gives any young person looking to come to MCS in the future the time to explore other options and allows staff significant time to secure alternative employment for September.

Before making a final decision, however, we want to gather the views of everyone associated with the school's community.

Please complete the survey by clicking on the link below. Every comment will be read, discussed and debated.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Martin Shevill

Chair of the Trust Board

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