Key Stage 5 - Year 12 entry

Our popular Level 3 courses, Media - Games Design, Graphic Design
and Media - Film & TV remain but are now joined by
A/AS Level Photography, A/AS Level Art & Design and BTEC Production Arts

Students entering at Year 12 specialise in pathway
subjects as well as having access to the
enrichment courses & ENglish & Maths re-sit

For Year 12, students will select two courses,
one from Group A & one from Group B

Please click onto the course titles below for further information on what you could be working on at Manchester Creative Studio

Group A

Group B


*Extended Diploma-3 A Level equivalent / Diploma–2 A Level equivalent

At the end of Year 12, students then elect to alter their course composition for Year 13 to a combination of the courses where they either:

> Convert to the Level 3 Diploma (2 A Level equivalent) and continue with the full A Level

> Continue with the Level 3 Extended Diploma (3 A Level equivalent) and
complete the AS Level

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