Personal & Physical Education (PPE)

We have an offer of four different activities – a workout at a gym, Boxing training, Jiu Jitsu coaching or Drama – Communication & Performance.  At the start of each term students are given the chance to choose the session they wish to do, and generally stick with the for at least the next 3 months so as to see the progress they can make in each activity

As with the rest of our offer, PE at MCS is a little
different to what you might find in a mainstream school

Please see below for an overview of the choices on offer to our students below:


The Gym


Led by local fitness trainer, Danny Holland and his team, our students attend a 60-minute session at his FST Fitness gym just a short walk from MCS in Ancoats.  This gym takes fitness training back to basics with a stripped back style and approach, with students taken through an array of exercises each week designed to improve their core strength and fitness




Located just opposite the Gym is The Finest Boxing Gym where a number of our students opt to be put through their paces with some high intensity boxing training.  Sessions here are led by Steve Maylett, trainer of current WBO Lightweight Boxing Champion of the World, Terry Flanagan and the unbeaten Light-welterweight boxer Karl Place. Training is a World Champion’s gym and with a recent visit from Terry Flanagan himself, our students are well placed to build their fitness with these great sessions


Jiu Jitsu

For those students interested in something a little different again, we offer Jiu Jitsu training led by John Van Dang, from the Van Dang Martial Arts Centre.  Once again, students are receiving top class training from a leading expert in his field and just a short walk from the school.  As well as providing our students with quality fitness provision, both Boxing and Jiu Jitsu give a discipline that supports our students outside of their sessions