Revision Guidance


You are now approaching the end of your compulsory school life…11 whole years – you have been going to school since you were 5 and are now preparing to take your GCSE examinations

It’s really important that you apply yourself fully to the task that lies ahead. We have gathered some information here to help you review your progress, set meaningful targets, organise your revision time and build in some free time. Used properly, it will help you feel in control and prevent you from panicking and feeling overwhelmed

You need to remember that
it can be done!


You are not giving up your free time
you are investing it in your future


So, once you are sure you want to give it your best shot, where do you start?

•    Firstly, you need to set achievable targets and review your progress towards meeting them – this will be an ongoing process throughout the time you have left
•    Next, you need to make a sensible revision plan. This will allow for revision time, some free time, and time to relax. It will be one of the most important factors in managing your revision
•    It is important to find out before you start revising what type of learner/reviser you are. If you know your preferred learning style you can make use of your strengths and avoid your weaknesses
•    By taking some time now, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance of fulfilling your potential, and preparing yourself for the future, whatever you decide to do

Anyone who tries to persuade you otherwise is NOT interested in your future

All that is needed for you to get the best grades possible is yourself!

Useful Websites


GCSE Bitesize – BBC

Get Revising 
Start improving your grades, Join over 1 million students using Get Revising.

  • Simple explanations of your toughest topics
  • Study tools for all learning styles
  • Track your progress


S-Cool Revision site – Huge set of resources to help all GCSE students with their studies.


Revision World – Helpful for general revision techniques.